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My Poor Donatello....

I'm sad to say that Donatello didn't make it.

The fin rot on his anal fin was mostly gone, but during a water change, I broke his tank. I stuck him in a slightly over one gallon hospital tank, and he seemed to not quite enjoy it, but was doing otherwise fine. Two days later, I finally had time to get him a new tank, and brought it home. But it was too late...

That same day, something really upset him and he shredded his tail. Except shredded doesn't quite describe it--it was literally the third of the length it was previously, with much of that length dead, and shredded bits of fin were everywhere. The bits of fin caused a bacterial bloom that was too much for his always been weak immune system, and by the time I got home....

He had full blown dropsy, pineconing, gasping for breath, the works, and it was obvious he'd be dead by morning. After finally finding the clove oil at GNC, I was able to put him asleep. He fought the clove oil for a moment, but settled when I placed his stuffed fox plush next to him. Don was still laying there calmly when I finally dosed him with vodka.

Thank you everyone for the help (especially to kittencuffs for answering my frantic PMs). The treatments I was told to give him really helped improve his last few weeks of life. It really sucks that he had to go that way, but at least he didn't suffer for that long.
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Yay! ♥ ♥ ♥

I asked for rain/a thunderstorm for my birthday, and I got it! ♥♥♥!

Also, LJ fixed the "invalid submission form" message so that it pops up your post under it instead of forcing you to hit the back button and having to completely redo it. Awesome!
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D: Why did the internet have to go down the shitter at my hotel the very night the Visitors poll was posted? I gave up on doing anything RPG related during the week until I came home due to it, since I could only really do AIM, and no one told me about the poll, so...

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My Two Cents.

My position on that whole health care reform thing:

In under two months from now, without a job that isn't retail, I will no longer have insurance. I cannot collect unemployment because I left my last job to go back to college. I am likely not eligible for Medicaid. With this economy, even applying to at least ten jobs a week, I am not likely to get an entry level position when more experienced workers apply for it.

So I'm all for a government run alternative for those who don't have insurance if it's done right.
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Didn't get that job, either. That's 0/3 in terms of interviews.

I've been out of school for too long, so now I'm forgetting stuff and messing up questions every time.

Maybe I'm just not cut out for this field after all. Or maybe I need to fuck what Mom says about a constant job search and restudy my entire curriculum instead before searching some more.

Edit: Mom says the problem is that all the entry level positions are being taken up by those that are experienced. And because of the economy, employers are posting entry level positions that aren't actually entry level positions. Makes me feel a little better.

But I'm still jobless. And I doubt I can get a retail job, either. They're probably looking for perfection there, too.
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Great, I think I just fucked up that interview, too.

I really suck at remembering anything.
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Augh, frustration!

I need a picture of Yondaime/Namikaze Minato that shows surprise for a userpict. It's impossible to find, though, and I'm getting extremely frustrated.

Does anyone have a Doujinshi with an expression like surprise/shock?